CNoR/CN-Kinghorn (Dorion) Subdivision MP 56.4-60.9 VII (Hogarth Station)

06 Mar

Video of the former Canadian Northern Railway/CN-Kinghorn (Dorion) Subdivision (MP 106.1-110.6) east of Cameron Falls, ON. Features the grade as it passes through Hogarth Siding, the longest on the line, with the remains of the water tank and possibly a section house.

Part 7 of 8.

Active, 1914-2005.


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2 responses to “CNoR/CN-Kinghorn (Dorion) Subdivision MP 56.4-60.9 VII (Hogarth Station)

  1. Gavin Rivera - Cycling Tubez

    March 6, 2023 at 08:54

    -The former CN-Kinghorn (Dorion) Subdivision is an active route, originally built in 1914 as a branch of the Canadian Northern Railway.

    -The line has been in use for a wide variety of freight and passenger services, including passenger trains, freight trains, and a truck route.

    -The line is now a part of the Canadian National Railway.


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