Silver Creek Station Hymers Station Sellers Station

Hymers, originally known as Murdoch, was located at Milepost 28.4 on the railway.

The first name given to what would become Hymers was Half Way due to the proximity of the nearby Halfway House, The Halfway House was originally a log structure, but eventually was rebuilt as an elegant hotel located halfway between the Canadian Pacific Railway stop at Murillo and the mines at Silver Mountain.

With the completion of the PAD&W in 1893, the site was renamed Murdoch in honour of William Murdoch, one of the government engineers who inspected the railway line. Later, with the arrival of more settlers to the area, the name was changed to Hymers after two of those early pioneers, George and Robert Hymers. In addition to farming along the Whitefish River Valley, extensive lumbering took place around the village for several decades.

Eventually a station and siding were constructed at Hymers, and continued to serve the area until the railway was abandoned in 1938.


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