Milepost 28 Water Tank

Kenwell Station Milepost 28 Water Tank Keemle Station

The Milepost 28 Water Tank was the site of a water tank located at Milepost 128.8/28. When the line was reorganized in the early 1930s, the water tanks at Langmuir (MP 116.3/15.5) and Keemle (MP 133.2/32.5) were eliminated. Because the distance between water tanks at Longlac and Jellicoe was too great (49.7 miles), a new tank was constructed four miles west of Bankfield Station in a somewhat remote spot at Milepost 28. A 10′ x 14′ brick building and a ballast pit were located nearby. The water tank was removed between 1956 and 1959.


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