Jellicoe Station Nezah Station Jackpine Station

Located at Milepost 5.6, Nezah was the first station outside of the divisional point at Jellicoe. While not a major stop on the line, Nezah was host to a small station, section house and post office. It was named after Hugh Tremaine Hazen (Nezah is the reverse of Hazen), who was the district engineer during the construction of the line. Interestingly, it is also a Hebrew word that translates to Eternity, Endurance or Victory. Nezah is shown on an early survey as Hazel, which may have been a misspelling of Hazen.

Nezah experienced a boom during the 1930s Sturgeon River Gold Rush, when it was the principal transportation site for the area. The first station or “shelter” was erected during this period in 1934. Its siding was removed from service by 1988 and the station removed by 2005.


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