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McKirdy was a series of stops likely named after William McKirdy, a prominent official and businessman in the Nipigon/Lake Nipigon area at the time. It was composed of two stations/stops, located at Mileposts 49.8/99.5 and 50.1/50.4, and a ballast pit located at Milepost 52.3/102.

East McKirdy was a flag stop, while McKirdy was regarded as a station (likely without any formal structure) and both had small sidings (approximately 1300 feet) which were removed prior to the 1970s. A section house was located a quarter-mile east of East McKirdy. Why there were two stops each with its own siding located less than half a mile apart is unknown.

The McKirdy Pit was in operation for many years, likely from before the 1960s until the line was discontinued in 2005. A 2500-foot through spur serviced the pit, which interestingly does not appear in the 1979 edition topographic map (known officially as Pit Track KI-44).

East McKirdy


McKirdy Pit

There are several videos of the McKirdy area in the YouTube playlist below.


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