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Geraldton, originally intended to be named Jack, was a station on the line located at Milepost 121.6/20.8. The name was an amalgamation of the names of Stanley Fitzgerald and Joseph Errington.

Although a station was proposed at this location when the railway was built, nothing materialized until the 1930s. Significant gold deposits had been discovered in the area and the population exploded as numerous mines were opened. Errington and Fitzgerald were the president and vice-president of Little Long Lac Gold Mines Limited, the first company to commence production. In 1933 it was added to timetables as a stop and then two years later a large station was constructed by Canadian National Railways to serve the town and nearby mining operations.

Since Geraldton was not an original stop on the line, it did not have a siding. However, one was added in 1935, the same year the station opened. In 1937 a small spur was added, while in 1942 the siding was removed. In 1954 a new siding was constructed a half mile to the east at a location now christened “Geraldton East,” while the spur at Geraldton was extended. By 1982 the site of Geraldton Station was shifted to MP 121.1/20.3 and the siding remained until some point prior to 2005.


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