Twin City Junction

Westfort Station Twin City Junction Rosslyn Station

Twin City Junction was located at Milepost 11.8.

In 1902, Stanley became the junction between the PAD&W and the Canadian Northern mainline to Winnipeg. However, the grade west from Stanley to Kakebeka was particularly heavy. In 1909, CNoR decided to build a new section of line to bypass what became known as “High Track.”

The line new opened in 1911, and Twin City became the new junction point between the mainline and what was known at the time as the North Lake Branch of the CNoR. It remained as the junction until the PAD&W was abandoned in 1938. At the time, 1.74 miles of track was left in place to the Rosslyn Brick Plant, just to the west.

In 1989, almost all the remaining rails except for 2000 feet or 0.38 miles were removed and the remainder served as a small spur off Canadian National’s (CN) Kashabowie Subdivision. Thirty years later in 2019, the junction was removed and most of the rails were torn up by CN; 131 years after the first rails were laid, the last piece of the PAD&W was lost to history.

There are a few videos of the Twin City Junction from 2012 to the present in the YouTube playlist below.


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