Kinghorn Ballast Pit

Namewaminikan River Bridge Kinghorn Ballast Pit Zroback Station

The Kinghorn Ballast Pit (known officially as Spur KI-21) was located just south of the Namewaminikan River Bridge at Milepost 145.4/44.6.

There is currently no known date for when the pit went into operation. It was a 1000-foot spur, with the 1979 topographic map showing it as a through spur, while a 1982 document shows it only connected at the east end.

At the west end of the pit, at Milepost 45, there was a flag stop known as the Sturgeon River Crossing. It is unknown for how many years in was used for, but it appears on the 1945 and 1953 timetables.


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