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Beardmore, originally known as Hanning, was a station on the line located at Milepost 20.6/70.3. It was named after Walter William Beardmore, the son-in-law of William Mackenzie, President of Canadian Northern.

Until 1935, Beardmore was composed of just a siding and water tank. That year a small station building was erected to support the increased freight and passenger traffic due to the growth of mining and forestry in the area. The water tank was removed prior to 1945, but it retained its siding (2500 feet) until the line was discontinued in 2005. There was also a spur known as Shed Track KI-35 (470 feet).

For more information on the nearby Northern Empire Gold Mine, please click here and here.

Click here to see a 2009 Google Streetview image of Beardmore with the rails still in place.


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