Farlinger Station Macdiarmid Station Macdiarmid Tunnel

The communities of Macdiarmid/Biinjitiwaabik Zaaging Anishnabek (formerly Rocky Bay First Nation) are located beside Pijitawabik Bay of Lake Nipigon at Milepost 36.6/86.3.

Not an original station on the line, Macdiarmid was apparently named after the man in charge of railway construction in the area, William Clyde Macdiarmid; it also may have been named after Findlay George Macdiarmid, the Ontario Minister of Public Works and Highways during the time. Likely the site of a workers camp at the time of the construction of the line, the community grew dramatically during World War I when it became the centre of commercial fishing on Lake Nipigon and replaced nearby Fairloch (MP 33) as the primary railway stop in the area. It first appears on the 1918 timetable as a spur, interestingly named “Sand Point,” which was the first name given to Fairloch. It was removed as a station in 1965.


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