Farlinger Station Macdiarmid Station Macdiarmid Tunnel

The communities of Macdiarmid/Biinjitiwabik Zaaging Anishnabek (formerly Rocky Bay First Nation) are located beside Pijitawabik Bay of Lake Nipigon at Milepost 36.6/86.3.

Not an original station on the line, Macdiarmid was apparently named after the man in charge of railway construction in the area, William Clyde Macdiarmid; it also may have been named after Findlay George Macdiarmid, the Ontario Minister of Public Works and Highways during the time. Likely the site of a workers camp at the time of the construction of the line, the community grew dramatically during World War I when it became the centre of commercial fishing on Lake Nipigon and replaced nearby Fairloch (MP 33) as the primary railway stop in the area.


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