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Rails into the Wilderness: The PAD&W Railway

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018


Rosslyn Community Hall 3405 Rosslyn Road Rosslyn, ON

The Port Arthur, Duluth and Western Railway, more commonly known as the PD or Pee Dee Railway, is an important piece of history in the Thunder Bay area. This presentation focuses on the early history and construction of the PAD&W Railway. Political and financial intrigues will be highlighted, as well as the economic motivations for constructing line and will include many period and modern photographs.

The 2-6-0 Mogul #108 heads up a mixed train of the Canadian Northern Railway at Mackies Siding circa 1918.

John Paulson: The Man Behind the Mystery

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

2:00pm CDT

Chik-Wauk Museum 

The story of the Paulson Mine, located in the western part of Cook County, Minnesota, has captivated people for many years. Touted as one of the great mining projects of the era, its failure in the early 1890s had a devastating impact on local economies spanning both sides of the border. The man behind this venture, John Paulson, was until recently an almost mythological figure. His life story however, from Norwegian immigrant, to Civil War veteran, to entrepreneur and finally to widowed farmer, is one of triumph and tragedy that exemplifies the North American experience in the 19th Century.

Paulson Mine, Minnesota, October 2012.


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