Extra Credit

Extra Credit is series designed to compliment the videos I produce of various abandoned railway lines and historic sites in the area. It gives the me the opportunity to elaborate and build on history related topics as well as describe some of the methods and gear I use while recording them.

Please have a look at the episodes below:

Episode I “The Beginning”

Episode II “Load Bearing”

Episode III “The PAD&W, Part I”

Episode IV “Photography”

Episode V “Hiking n’ Biking”

Episode VI “Summer Hiking”

Episode VII “Companions”

Episode VIII “Winter Hiking”

Episode IX “GPS”

Episode X “The Kinghorn, Part I”

Episode XI “Videography, Part I”

Episode XII “Q&A, Part I”

Episode XIII “The PAD&W, Part II”

Episode XIV “Companions, Part II”

Episode XV “Hiking n’ Biking, Part II”

Episode XVI “Fall Hiking”

Episode XVII “The Kinghorn, Part II”

Episode XVIII “GPS, Part II”

Episode XIX “Q&A, Part II”

Episode XX “Photography, Part II”

Episode XXI “Up the Mountain”

Episode XXII “Touching History”

Episode XXIII “The PAD&W, Part III”

Episode XXIV “Hiking n’ Biking, Part III”

Episode XXV “Companions, Part III”

Episode XXVI “The Kinghorn, Part III”

Episode XXVII


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