Matawin River Bridge

Dona Pit Matawin River Bridge Ellis Station

The Matawin River Bridge is a structure on the former Canadian National Graham Subdivision built in 1924. Located near Sistonens Corners, ON, the bridge is essentially Milepost 0 of this line. It is a combination truss and pier structure which is 630 feet long and 40 feet high.

With the development of the Canadian National Railways (CNR) in 1918, it was decided to rationalize the former CGR/GTP and Canadian Northern Railway (CNoR) lines west of the cities of Port Arthur and Fort William as their routes were essentially duplicated. Both lines would utilize the former CNoR line, now doubled and designated as the CNR-Kashabowie Subdivision, to a point 35.7 miles from Port Arthur known as Conmee Junction. This bridge was constructed to link with the former GTP line. This resulted in the relocation of Alba Station and the abandonment of 26 miles of grade along with Baird, Crest and Dona Stations.

The bridge, along with the rest of the Graham Subdivision, was abandoned in 1994.


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