Stanley/Harstone Bridge

The Stanley Bridge (also known as the Harstone Bridge) is located at Milepost 20, and spans the waters of the Kaministiquia River. Three separate bridges have been built at this spot.

The original bridge was constructed at the same time as the railway. The contract was let to a Mr. Hyndman in January 1890, and construction was completed by May. Three years later, in early May 1893, this structure was “carried away” by spring freshets on the river. It was repaired, but was damaged almost every spring by high water in the river, particularly in 1896.

When Canadian Northern took control of the line, a new truss bridge was built to replace the old trestle structure in 1902. It was used until 1924, when it too was replaced by a newer, stronger truss bridge. The new owners, Canadian National Railways, were possibly spurred by efforts of a Chicago company to re-open the old Paulson Mine in Minnesota and ship iron ore to the Lakehead. When the line was abandoned in 1938, the bridge was converted at some point to carry vehicular traffic, which it still does today.

The structure is in need of some rehabilitation, which will hopefully be carried out to allow it to continue functioning well into the future. It, along with the Silver Mountain Station, are the only two structures left on the PAD&W line.

There are several videos of the remains of the bridge from 2011 to the present in the YouTube playlist below.


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