Namewaminikan River Bridge

Kinghorn Station Namewaminikan River Bridge Kinghorn Pit

The Namewaminikan River Bridge (pronounced NAM -eh -wah – MIN – ih -kan), or Sturgeon River Bridge is located west of Kinghorn Station at Milepost 145.2/44.4. It is sometimes referred to locally as the “44 Bridge.”

The bridge is a 366-foot, 26 bent wood trestle bridge. Its date of construction is not known.

In August 1990 there was a significant derailment at the bridge caused by thermal misalignment or more commonly known as “heat kink.” The rear portion of an eastbound train left the tracks, with several cars coming to rest in the river. The bridge and an unknown portion of the line were damaged which took 3 days to repair.

For more information on the area, please read this account written by historian Edgar Lavoie: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4




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