Cove Inlet

Orient Bay Cove Inlet Crowther Station

Cove Inlet was a flag stop and spur on the railway located just south of Orient Bay Station at Milepost 42.8/92.5.

It first appears on railway timetables in 1924 as a 13-car spur known as “Cox” (possibly named after timber contractor Charlie Cox). In 1938, the Abitibi Power and Paper Company constructed a marine base at what would become the headquarters of their water operations on Lake Nipigon until the 1970s. The spur was removed prior to the closure of the marine base (between 1970 and 1973). The property was eventually sold and became Sandy’s Cruiser Service, which catered to fishermen and tourists visiting the area. You can see some images of the marine base here: Abitibi Marine Industries Base at Cove Inlet

A short distance to the south, at Milepost 44 (93.7), a small spur was established in 1939 called Mackey, whose name was changed to Northern Wood Preservers in 1941 (it was removed shortly thereafter). Eventually a lodge was constructed around a small lake sandwiched between the new highway and the railway line. Known as McCollum’s Reflection Lake Resort, it is the only resort or tourist outfitter still operating in the bay after the closure of the Royal Windsor Lodge and Sandy’s Cruiser Service.

In 1921, CNR decided to undertake several construction projects at the southern end of the bay. When the line was constructed, it crossed the bay 3 times between Mileposts 43.5 and 44.1 (93.2 and 93.8). To improve navigation (it is assumed), the company decided to eliminate the two northernmost 90-foot trestles by digging a diversion and filling in them in. The southernmost 90-foot trestle would be replaced with a through plate span bridge (the abutments of which are stamped 1920). See the map below for more information.

To view 2009 Google Streetview images of Cove Inlet with the rails still in place, click here and here.

Cove Inlet

Orient Bay South

There are a number of videos of Cove Inlet to the southern end of Orient Bay in the playlist below:


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