This undated photo shows a mixed train of the Canadian Northern headed by a 2-6-0 Mogul (either 107 or 108) moving past piles wood and lumber stacked alongside the tracks. The photo was most likely taken in the 1910’s somewhere near Nolalu.

Although not one of the primary reasons for the construction of the PAD&W, logging became the only real revenue source for the railway after the failure of the silver and iron enterprises along the line. From the onset of construction of the railway in 1889, to its final abandonment in 1938, logging became a big part of the story of the PAD&W. Here you will find information on a few of the companies that had large interactions with the PAD&W.

Pigeon River Lumber CompanyGunflint & Lake Superior RR

A. Bishop Lumber Company

Greer Brothers Logging Company


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