Cameron Falls

MacAskill Station Cameron Falls Station Nipigon River Bridge

Cameron Falls Station was located north of Nipigon at Milepost 66.4/116.1.

Not an original stop on the line, Cameron Falls was established in 1919 at Milepost 66/115.7 when construction began on a hydroelectric project on the Nipigon River bearing the same name. Originally known as Cameron Falls, a spur from the mainline was built north to facilitate construction and service the community developing near the dam and power plant with the same name. In 1920, the name was changed to “Hydro” and the station was pushed west 0.4 miles to Milepost 66.4/116.1 (Hydro is short for hydroelectricity). The name Cameron Falls was used to replace the station at Cronyn, 1.6 miles to the east. In 1939, it reverted back to Cameron Falls when the station to the east was renamed “MacAskill.” It is unknown when the small station building featured in the photos below was constructed.

The nearby community housed the construction workers, employees working the generating station and their families. Cameron Falls became the hub for subsequent construction projects, the Alexander and Pine Portage Generating Stations; at its peak, there were more than 600 people living in the community. However, automation was introduced which significantly reduced the workforce and eventually the remaining workers were moved to Nipigon, abandoning the community in the early 1970s. Cameron Falls was removed as a station in 1959 and the spur was removed sometime between 1973 and 1976.

You can find more information, including photos here: Ontario Ghost Towns: Cameron Falls


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