Feature Friday January 27, 2023

27 Jan

Then and now featuring CN 5227 and 5216 in September 1993 as they round a curve and lead an eastbound into the station at Orient Bay, ON while the high cliffs of the Pijitawabik Palisades loom in the background. Orient Bay was one of the major stations on this line when it was opened by Canadian Northern Railway in 1915. Located at Milepost 41.3/91, it was home to a station, two section houses, water tank and wilderness resort.

Thirty years later, the Palisades still remain but the rails are long gone (photo taken in May 2022). After becoming part of Canadian National Railways, the line was known as the Dorion Subdivision until 1960 when it was merged with the more eastern Kinghorn Subdivision. Twelve years after the first photo was taken, the last train would run on the line and the rails were pulled up in 2010.

Photo courtesy of Bill Hooper

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