Feature Friday January 20, 2023

20 Jan

Then and now photos featuring the Macdiarmid Tunnel, also referred to as the Jumbo’s Cove Tunnel. In the first photograph, taken circa 1996 by Mike Ročnik, an eastbound prepares to enter the southern portal of the tunnel. Bored by contractors working for Canadian Northern Railway, it was part of a line constructed between Ruel (Sudbury area) and Port Arthur (Thunder Bay), Ontario from 1911 to 1914. Opened for traffic in 1915, portions of it were encased in concrete in the early 1980s.

Today the tunnel is much quieter after service was terminated in 2005 and the rails removed in 2010. At 1058 feet, it remains one of the largest in eastern Canada. In a three week span in January 1912, construction tragically claimed the lives of 3 workers, two of whom are still buried nearby.

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