Luna’s Offbeat Adventures-Episode VI

11 Sep

Hi everyone! My name is Luna and I’m a very active and curious Labradoodle. I love to follow my dad on his history exploration adventures, so he decided to put a camera on me to record what I see while we’re hiking. It’s in its armoured housing, so the audio is muffled, the harness doesn’t always stay in the right spot and the GoPro can’t always compensate for my movements, so there are no awards for sound and cinematography here (seriously, it’s very shaky at times). It’s just raw, minimally edited video.

This episode took us to a pretty remote area of the railway grade near Wildgoose Lake, Ontario. If you notice something different, it’s because I now have a trailer to ride in for long hikes. You might remember in Episode IV (, my paws got badly torn up on some sharp rocks. The trailer will let me ride on some of the longer hikes and rest. Anyway, we hiked along Scroll and Turkey Lakes, which were not easy to get to. We first had to bike in 3.5 miles just to start the exploration and then make our way around a washed out trestle. You’ll see me walk and ride the return trip which was 3 miles.


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