Feature Friday March 4, 2022

04 Mar

Then, then and now featuring the railway causeway in Nipigon, Ontario. The first, which is undated, looks north along the causeway. It shows the one bridge that allowed water to flow into and out of the “lagoon.”

The second photo, a 1960s or earlier postcard, shows the causeway on the right side and the Nipigon River. Canadian Northern Railway, which built the line between 1911 and 1914, did extensive work in the area to avoid crossing the Canadian Pacific Railway (in the centre of the photo). They dug a new channel to reroute the flow of the river and built the rock fill causeway, creating the aforementioned lagoon. Also visible is the north end of the Nipigon Station yard, just below the river.

The third photo was taken in October 2020 looking north from the southern end of the causeway. The rails were removed along this line, which ended its career as the Canadian National Railway Kinghorn Subdivision, between 2008 and 2010.

Nipigon Historical Museum Photo Archives

Nipigon causeway, undated. (Nipigon Historical Museum Photo Archives)
Nipigon causeway and lagoon, 1950s postcard.
Nipigon causeway, October 2021.
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