To the beat of your own drum

23 Apr

I was kinda stumped when I was thinking for a title to this week’s post. Not a whole lot has gone on and I was worried that I wouldn’t have a lot to write about, never mind coming up with a catchy title. Then it all came to me…I’ll explain later!

Amazingly enough, I’m still getting caught up from the trip, even though I came back from France two weeks ago. Or at least that’s the way I feel. I don’t think I really fell that far behind in my work, but there’s just this nagging feeling that I’m not where I should be. Could it be just a little burnout that is making me feel this way? Well, whatever the situation I hope it remedies itself soon…maybe the 9 weeks left in the school year will do that!

Bergen-Op-Zoom Canadian War Cemetery

Speaking of the trip, the gears are really turning for Vimy 2017. I know that is a long way away, but maybe there is a way to fill in the next five years. I was speaking to a colleague today and she suggested maybe a World War II themed tour at some point. Later in in the day I had a phone conversation with our tour manager and she hinted at the same thing. Right now this is all talk though, since I certainly need to run anything by my wife as she’ll be the one at home with two boys for a week again. We’ll see what happens. I did take a few minutes and browse some of the tours that were available on the EF site!

I did promise last week that I would have some railway updates this week, but unfortunately my previously mentioned schedule issues (or my imagined ones) kept me from any serious research. I really need to finish the last tweaks on the article so I can put it to rest, so I definitely have to make time for that this week. My wife is going out of town on the weekend, so I might be able to squeeze it in at some point.

Close-up of CNoR Map 1908, Manitoba Historical Maps.

Now I did get a little work done, quite by accident. For some reason I was Googling

railway maps and I happened upon a map that was produced by Canadian Northern Railway in 1908. It shows all of the railway’s lines up to that point, including the projected extensions. I’ve posted a small section, so here’s the full link: Obviously of interest to me was the disposition of CNoR lines in northwestern Ontario. The map indicates that the Duluth Extension was only running trains as far as North Lake, but there was a projection of the line into the US to link with the Duluth and Iron Range. Interestingly, unless it is a mistake, the map shows the line bypassing the natural connection point at Ely but rather extending to Tower, Minnesota. My favourite though is how the stop “Westfort” is misspelled “West Fork!”

So about the title. Well I was asked this week as to why I write this blog, why anyone would be interested in what I have to say? To this I answer, why not? I don’t write this blog to garner people’s approval; if people want to read it great, if not it’s their loss. I originally started this blog to let those interested in the railway know how my research was going. Also, since my plan is to someday write a book, I wanted to practice my writing since as a teacher I’m usually surrounded by bad grammar and spelling. This is not about what other people think, it is about me. I’ve always done things in my way and never felt the need to conform to whatever else people are doing. This world is filled with people trying to fit in, why isn’t it okay to be different? How boring would the world be if we were all the same? So I’m going to continue being who I am and doing what I enjoy…I really hope some of my students read this!

Okay, I have to wrap things up. In the meantime, the beat goes on! Until then…

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