Vimy Day Two

04 Apr
So I’m sitting here on the floor just outside of the Denon Gallery of the Louvre. I am completely exhausted! What a day!

So our plane arrived almost an hour late, and then we have to wait forever for our bags. Of course mine was one of the last, coming out almost 15 minutes after everyone else got there’s. Then we met our Tour Director Hugo, boarded the bus and went to our hotel. As we expected, we could not check in and instead stored our bags until tonight. After a quick meeting and bathroom break, we were on the road again.

It took us almost an hour to navigate the streets to reach the Louvre. Paris is a beautiful city, but I would never want to drive here; talk about insanity! We almost got into a dozen fender-benders by Canadian standards, but I guess people are used to it here.

When we arrived at the Louvre, it was lunchtime, so Hugo gave us an hour to eat. The food court was insane! There were a lot of choices, but I was too tired and hungry to bother…I ate at McDonalds! Yes, I know what you’re thinking, but it was the easiest choice. Only Matt J tried some local fair; everyone else opted for McD’s or pizza. I did promise myself that tomorrow, when I’m rested and have time, I’ll eat better!

Now the Louvre. Wow, what a place! We only visited the Denon Gallery, but it was amazing! I’m sure it would take days to fully visit this place…unfortunately everyone is exhausted, so that’s why we’re chilling on the floor. I’d love to take my Gr. 11 history class here when we do the Renaissance. The only bad part was that we kinda got lost, and couldn’t figure out how to get to the lobby. It didn’t help that they closed one of the floors we came in through, so we couldn’t just backtrack. Obviously it all worked out in the end.

After leaving the Louvre, we did a “little” walking tour of the area. It was more like a two hour power walk, which was especially nice on a couple hours sleep. We did see some great stuff, but it was all too fast. There was finally a 30 minute break near Notre Dame, which gave me a chance to wet my parched whistle to the tune of 2.70€. Need to bring the water bottle tomorrow!

Notre Dame Cathedral, April 5, 2012.

Notre Dame was magnificent…too bad I could not see the inside (we are going to come back tomorrow). This week is holy week, so there are masses every night and the cathedral was full. It is truly a architectural marvel.

Within walking distance was our restaurant for the evening Lodies. We had a nice dinner of salad, whipped potatoes and roast pork. The chocolate mousse desert was a nice touch. Now we’re on our way back to the hotel to check in and hit the hay…I think everyone is falling asleep on the bus. I have to upload these latest blogs and then retire myself as we have a 6:30 wake up.

Until then…
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