Vimy Day One

04 Apr
Well we’re on our way! We just took off from Thunder Bay and now headed for Pearson Airport in Toronto to make our first connection. There’s only 55 minutes between flights, so we don’t have a lot of time to hang around before we head to Montreal.

Some of my initial nervousness has dissipated, but I’ll feel better when we get to Paris. The kids are very excited, and it is contagious! We are travelling with a group from our sister school St. Ignatius, so it’s nice having some familiar adult faces around. I know we’re going have a great time.

I’ve already started the Tweeting, and it will continue once we get to Toronto. I’m going to sign off for now, since it’s hard to type in these cramped seats (never flown on a Q400 before).

On our way to Montreal…late. The flight was supposed to leave at 5:00, but because of a catering delay, we left behind schedule. The flight we are on continues on to Brussels, so I guess the food is important. Apparently we are supposed to fly a bit faster than usual (595 mph)to make up time (I think our scheduled arrival is 5:30, which still gives us an hour layover).

So we spent a lot of time standing around at the gate, but at least there is some elbow room on this 767. Before we know it we will be landing and hustling to our gate. Hopefully there will be time to grab something to eat…I’ve only eaten a granola bar since 11. I’m dying of thirst more than anything else; between this cold I’m getting over and the dry air it’s horrible! Anyway, going to sign off again until we’re over the ocean.

Air France A380 beside us in Montreal.

Back in the air again, this time 40 minutes late! The joys of air travel I guess. This time the issue was an Air France A380 that was preventing us from backing up. I didn’t even realize it was an A380 until after I had taken a picture of it. This time we’re on a 777, the newest plane in Air Canada’s fleet. Cruising at 32000 feet and at 621 mph…very cool, especially since the air temp is -49C!

Our flight is pretty much full of students going to France, which might make my prospects of getting some sleep slimmer. I wonder if they are doing the same tours as us, just with a different guide? That would make some of these places we are visiting insanely busy! I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

They are probably going to serve some food soon, which is great since we did not have time to eat between the connecting flights. Hopefully it’s good! After that will be sleepy time…I’m exhausted! I’ve been going since 6:00am and at airports since noon. Tomorrow will be another crazy day as we’re not expected back at our hotel until 10:00. I’m going to be bagged! 

So dinner was not bad, for airline food. Chicken breast in some sort of mushroom sauce, with wild rice pea carrot something or other. There was a bean corn carrot salad that wasn’t bad either. The brownie was very good! Anyway, I’ll shut it down for now and get back to this before we land.

Sunrise over Ireland, April 5, 2012.

Wow, that was the best, most restful four hours of sleep I’ve ever had! Good Lord! I have certainly forgotten how much flying across the ocean sucks! Boy am I exhausted. I just couldn’t find any comfortable position. Maybe I could have been more like my seat partner Allister who managed to sleep with her head on the tray table. I’m obviously awake right now, and just finished devouring the blueberry muffin and apple juice they gave us for breakie. 

Since we’re going to be landing in a bit, I guess this wraps up day one (even though it technically is day two already). I’ll start today’s adventures with our arrival in Paris.

Until then…
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