Feature Friday February 4, 2022

04 Feb

A construction scene on the Port Arthur, Duluth and Western Railway (PAD&W) circa 1892. The exact location is unknown, but the end of track was near North Lake at the time (Milepost 71).

A locomotive, pushing a flat car and coach sit on a siding. It is not possible to identify the engine (likely #2 or #3), but her tender is piled high with wood instead of coal. The occupants of the coach appear to be well-to-do and include what appears to be one youth and a woman, suggesting a possible special excursion. In August 1892 PAD&W Vice President D.F. Burk did visit the area as far as Gunflint Lake with his family.

LAC PA-16012

PAD&W Construction camp, 1892. (LAC PA-016012)
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