Feature Friday January 21, 2022

21 Jan

Canadian Northern Railway (CNoR) locomotive #108 idles at unknown location, possibly Port Arthur or Fort William, Ontario (now Thunder Bay) circa 1918. The man on the right is likely well-known conductor Johnny Hume.
A 2-6-0 Mogul (Class D-1-a), she was built in April 1889 by the Canadian Locomotive Company for the Northern Pacific and Manitoba Railway. After being acquired by CNoR, she and her sister engine #107 worked mainly on the former Port Arthur, Duluth and Western Railway, which was known at the time as the Duluth Extension/North Lake Subdivision. After nationalization, they became the Canadian National Railways 470 and 471 respectively and continued on the North Lake line until they were scrapped in 1927.

CNoR 108, circa 1918 (Duke Hunt Museum)
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