Milepost 28 Water Tank Keemle Station Kinghorn Station

Keemle Station was located north of Wild Goose Lake at Milepost 133.2/32.5.

Originally named Gozo, it was renamed Keemle, likely after engineer Ralph Keemle. Keemle first proposed the idea of diverting water from the Ogoki and Kenogami Rivers southward into Lake Superior to boost lake levels which would benefit Great Lakes shipping. Further west, there is a lake named Keemle very close to the station at McKirdy.

Nothing more than a flag stop, Keemle sported a water tank, 1600-foot siding and a section house. The water tank was removed prior to 1934, while the siding was converted into a 1000-foot spur prior to 1982 (known officially as Spur KI-19).


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